80% of anxiety can be resolved by doing something up front

We will never be ready,

think and do

1. Instead of dwelling on anxiety, act on it

Anxiety comes from the gap between what we want to achieve and the present moment.

Each of us, wrapped up in anxiety, stuck in place, leading to physical and mental exhaustion.

As a reader named Matina wrote yesterday, “This year seems to be all about anxiety: marriage anxiety, 30-year-old anxiety, workplace anxiety, comparison anxiety, and all the other anxieties that tiktok brings every day: the economic downturn, falling consumption, low employment.”

What should we do then?

Tsinghua Professor Peng Kaiping said: All the anxiety, wandering, fear, in fact, only through action to solve. Lying in bed, hiding at home, in that Random Thoughts, doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t make any sense.”

By taking action, we enter a cycle of trial and error, feedback, correction, and progression, no longer governed by the fear of the unknown.

For example, when director Ang Lee was making the wedding banquet, he was hesitant to go ahead because he didn’t have enough money on hand.

When Hou Hsiao-Hsien found out, he encouraged him to say, “No one has enough money to start with, but once you start, you can get results.”.

Finally, “The wedding banquet” won the Golden Bear award at the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival, and Ang Lee won the 30th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Director Award for his film.

Many things in the world are like this, no matter how carefully planned, well thought out, can not predict the entire project and events all the development.

What’s more, in such a fast-paced today, the opportunity is unlikely to leave you too much time to think. But as long as you do, there will be“Results.”.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about something, the best thing to do is to do it first and validate your thoughts in action.

2. If you’re on the right track, get started

Before we act, we often have an implicit assumption in our subconscious that Wanquan District is the only one prepared to achieve good results.

This assumption can easily lead you to stay in the“False preparation” stage.

You always feel that the preparation is not enough, worry if the action, will not do well, so has been preparing.

In fact, the world is always changing, we can not be fully prepared.

As long as the direction is generally reliable, you can work first, in action to find problems and solve problems.

3. Take action without fear of failure

People with poor execution are more or less perfectionists, whose philosophy is“Do the best you can or do nothing at all.”

This tendency to perfectionism, easy to let people fall into endless preparation and imagination, to the opposite of efficient execution.

To change this, we need to lower our expectations and recognize that failure is a necessary ingredient for success.

In April, SpaceX launched a starship that exploded four minutes after liftoff.

A lot of people feel sorry for Elon Musk. But surprisingly, the moment the rocket exploded, there was applause, applause and even the opening of a bottle of champagne to celebrate.


Because in Musk’s mind, the extra four minutes, not only is not a failure, but a rocket into space.

Only not afraid of failure, can the courage to act, in the repeated failure in the continuous summary, and finally find the key to success.

4. A master is born of action

“If it doesn’t work out, it will be for nothing,” is what many people do before the mental activity. In contrast, some people get a prototype first, and then a step by step slowly forward, which often open the gap between people.

Once a famous writer came to the school to give a lecture, the topic of the lecture is about the creation and writing.

During the question-and-answer session, one of the students asked: How can ordinary people become novelists?

The author’s answer is simple: today you go back to your dorm room, turn on your computer, click on something called a word document, and type the first word, and you’re a novelist.

This sentence seems very simple, but in fact, after careful understanding, very profound.

How do you become a novelist? The key is not the method, but the action.

Recently, there has been a series on douyin called“The Gears of destiny start to turn.” Many people, before becoming famous, were acting in silence, and eventually became popular because of an accidental factor.

We now look at people who write really well and make really good videos, and we think they’re super capable.

However, whether it is writing an article or making a video, it is a process from shallow to deep, everyone has to go through the transition from a novice to a skilled one, and there is no shortcut.

Three ways to get action

1. The clearer the goal, the stronger the action

When we get stuck in a mood of laziness, idleness, and emptiness, it’s often because the brain is in a fuzzy state.

The brain either doesn’t know what it wants; it wants to do too many things at once to be sure what it wants most; or it knows what it wants to do but doesn’t know when or how it wants to do it.

We face too many multiple choice problems, too many options, and because we do not have a clear understanding of their own, do not know what is most important to themselves, so in the case of information overload, often at a loss.

How can you make your brain clearer?

In the book cognitive awakening, there is a stupid way to do this: write it down.

The first step: find an ordinary a 5 card face copy, fold the page in half;

Step 2: Write Down All the things you want to do that day at the top, then clear your mind and number the items in order of weight

Step 3: gather all available information, write down predictably on the left side of the page what you’re doing at a certain time, and then count“Planned learning time” and“Available learning time” at the bottom, time became clear;

Step 4: record the implementation of the day on the right side of the page, one day later, the learning time and learning results statistics, time efficiency at a glance.

When we act, we are afraid of ambiguity. If we have a lot of vague options in our mind, we need to spend time making choices, and making choices is a very mental exercise.

But the simple act of“Writing it down” takes all the thoughts and thoughts out of our head, so we don’t have to think or make choices in order to execute.

At this point, you may have such a question: the plan so rigid, will not let yourself become rigid?

Not really, because the point of planning is not to stick to the plan, but to keep yourself informed.

It doesn’t matter if your plans change for the day. With this plan, you’ll be able to quickly get yourself back on track after you’ve dealt with a temporary task.

But without it, you’re more likely to choose entertainment when your goals and time are fuzzy.

2. Be a fool

A lot of people with poor execution are actually very smart people. Why?

Because they think two things before they act:

First, everything must be seen in the clear results before action, if the prospects are uncertain, uncertain, even if others say that again reasonable, but also unwilling to invest;
Second, if a principle or method can not change themselves quickly, it is not optimal, so keep looking, so there is hope to find the best way.

Because this kind of thinking inertia, often in the action will let us get stuck: a thing persisted for a period of time, do not see the obvious effect, will hesitate to give up.

In fact, as long as the truth is right, do not care about those little clever, with no loss of mind forward, you will find that the goal is more and more clear.

Because before we do anything, we see the world as two-dimensional, flat. However, after doing something actively, we can see the three-dimensional, three-dimensional world from a side view, and notice the cognitive differences between people.

In a three-dimensional world, people at high levels and people at low levels often have very different attitudes to the same problem.

For example, “Deliberate learning” describes it like this: you think that education is useless because you have no idea how much learning can change your life trajectory; you think that exercise is useless, … It’s because you don’t exercise that you don’t feel the value of it…

People at the next cognitive level often don’t see the landscape of the next, and so can only judge from a narrow perspective: these things make sense, but they don’t seem to be working.

These things are really useless in their eyes, because people can not prove that a thing did not happen. The only way to break this paradox is to get yourself moving and take your cognition to a higher level so that you can make different judgments.

Many of us want to find our purpose before we act. In fact, if we don’t act, we may never find our purpose. After all, we rely on low-level perceptions and experiences, it’s hard to see what we really want. Only by following the assumptions of predecessors to a higher level, life goals may slowly emerge.

3. Know and act together to increase awareness in action

Count the difficult things in this world, “The unity of knowledge and practice” must count as one.

There are too many people do not understand why their“Know so much truth, but still a bad life.”. In fact, the reason is simple: they read a lot of reasonable books, collected a lot of reasonable articles, feel that they know everything, but still can not bend down to action.

Because they always think that they are not ready, worried that the method is not optimal, rash action will take a detour, etc. , but do not know, such a wait-and-see, waiting itself is inefficient.

So how can we change the status quo of“Knowing but not doing”?

First, don’t settle for“Having or knowing”.

The moment we buy a book, it feels great, like we already have the knowledge, but when we receive the book, it’s probably just a quick flip

When we understand that“One day without looking at the phone will not have any loss”, the mind suddenly clear, the harm of mobile phone information to see very clearly, but a few days later, when this happens again, we put our books aside again and take out our phones to play.

No matter how good the truth is, if you don’t practice it, these beautiful knowledge will never have a real impact on yourself.

Second, don’t try to do it right from the start.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, even if we learn a lot of truth and methods, but once done, often all kinds of mistakes.

Many people at this stage, afraid of being laughed at, afraid of their image is destroyed, afraid of the wrong method, may give up.

In fact, we should learn to use a mature attitude to contain their initial clumsiness. Through continuous practice, eliminate the gap between“Knowing” and“Doing”, and experience the pleasure of“Doing”.

Third, do not struggle to do great things, great people do not delay

There is a good saying: “Do not struggle to do great things, great people do not delay.”

Whoever can achieve great things can always achieve the unity of knowledge and action, while the mediocre has built a Great Wall of China between “Knowledge” and “Action”.

Therefore, the quickest way to realize the ideal is to make clear what you want, to be firm in your choice, to do what you say without hesitation.

You know, we’ll never be“Ready,” but we can do it, and when we hear our hearts calling, we start running.

At this point, you will even find the magic of fate-running, you will find that you are getting closer and closer to the goal you are looking for, want to get closer.

Life, in the final analysis, is a journey of self-exploration.

A lot of the time, mediocrity or excellence lurks in the actions we take in our daily lives. The most important thing is not what you thought, but what you did in the end.

Set the direction, run, do not fear failure, the key to success in action.

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