Are You Ready to fight back?

1. The great psychologist Adler, who devoted his life to the study of man and his potential, once declared that he had discovered one of the most incredible features of the human race — “Man has a power of Necessary Roughness.”

2. Harrie Ralph Waldo Emerson Fosdick restated it in the 20th century, “True happiness is not necessarily a joy, but rather a victory.” Yes, happiness comes from a sense of accomplishment, a triumph over, the experience of squeezing a lemon into juice.

3. The most important thing in life is not to invest what you have. Anyone can do that. What matters is how to profit from the loss. Only then needs the wisdom, also only then displays human’s superior wisdom and inferior foolishness.

Four. According to the philosopher Nitze, good and distinguished people “Not only tolerate what they can not tolerate, but are willing to take up the challenge”.

5. The more I study successful people, the more convinced I am that a large part of their success is due to a flaw that unlocks their potential. William. James once said: our greatest weakness may provide us with an unexpected boost.

Yes, John Milton might not have written such a wonderful poem if he hadn’t lost his sight.

Beethoven, on the other hand, may have been deaf, which allowed him to compose more moving music.

The Helen Keller’s creative career was inspired entirely by deafness and blindness.

If the Chaykovsky’s marriage had not been so miserable that he almost killed himself, he might not have been able to compose the monumental “Pathetique”.

Both Tolstoj and Dostoyevsky were able to write beautiful novels because of their tragic fates.

6. A self-pitying person will not stop pitying himself, even if he or she is snug on the sofa. On the contrary, people who don’t care about their environment are often happy. They are extremely rich in personal responsibilities and never shirk them. I repeat, the Resolute Eskimos are the product of the icy arctic winds.”

Seven. If we are so discouraged that we don’t see any hope of change-here are two reasons we should at least try, two reasons to make sure we try for the better and not for the worse.

The first reason: we might succeed.

The second reason: even if we don’t succeed, the very nature of this effort forces us to look forward, not just regret, to banish negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It stimulates creativity, keeps us busy, and leaves us no time or mood to grieve over things that are already in the past.

8. The most important thing in life is not just to use what you have. Anyone can do that. The really important issue is how to profit from your losses. This requires real wisdom and shows how stupid people are.


Think of Elon Musk’s autobiography, “Life Is Mine”, written by his mother, Meyer Musk:

During the first nine years of his marriage, Meyermusk suffered frequent domestic violence and PUA from his husband. After struggling for nine years, Meyermusk finally succeeded in divorcing his scumbag husband, even though he had to take care of three children and work four jobs by himself after the divorce, he was also frequently threatened, intimidated and harassed by his ex-husband. In such a bad situation, to make a living, Meyermasque to work four jobs, and not much time to take care of the children. But thanks to the proximity of his home library, Elon Musk’s favorite activity was going to the library and reading a lot of books, and it was in his childhood that he set out to explore the moon.

Meyermusk was so busy with his work that his Three Meals a Day was extremely simple. His three children also disliked his mother’s cooking as a nutritionist, so his second son especially liked to cook for his family, the second son later set up his own business in the field of organic food and beverage.

The younger daughter fell in love with acting and drama at an early age, and Meyermusk was equally supportive of the younger daughter’s interests.

Single Mother Mayermusk has single-handedly raised one of the world’s richest men, and her second son and youngest daughter are also quite successful in their own field. Although the three children had a difficult childhood, they had plenty of free time to explore and develop their interests and develop them into a life-long career, enjoying it and climbing to new heights.

Despite a bad marriage, Meyermusk is still optimistic, gritting her teeth and beating the odds. A single mother has raised three children to excel in different fields, she worked three or four jobs to support her family, while continuing her education and earning her doctorate, and eventually focusing on her love of modeling. She became the most beautiful and attractive silver-haired model, and a model for the new era.

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