I’ve been miserable. Here’s some advice

The internet has been very lively, if you indulge in the excitement brought by the excitement, will lose their own.

Those of us who make money on the Internet are lonely most of the time.

No teachers, no textbooks, no standard answers, not even directions.

What do we do?

All things are bitter, only self-crossing.

Here are some tips for You:

  1. The Internet is a tool for making money, not for entertainment, not for wasting time on things that have nothing to do with making money.
  2. The world has never been fair, less complaining, more time to exercise their ability.
  3. Master the methodology of getting things done.
  4. A goal without steps is no goal at all.
  5. Sum up their own means to solve the problem, ideas and patterns.
  6. Learn to translate experience, can do one thing method, can do a lot of things.
  7. Do something that accumulates, precipitates, and shows your face.
  8. Build success stories.
  9. Develop strengths, avoid weaknesses, focus, determine a main battlefield of their own.
  10. Find a product to sell as soon as possible, even if you are still working.
  11. Always do something beyond your ability.
  12. Find someone better than you and within reach to set an example.
  13. Make yourself useful first, then exchange value with others.
  14. Work first, then make a name for yourself, then mix circles.
  15. 。Extensive pay, do not care about something, a person’s gain and loss, as long as the overall return can be greater than pay.
  16. If you’re obsessed with a field, don’t hesitate to make money on it.
  17. Keep moving forward in the midst of imperfection.

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