5 minutes effective solution to procrastination

Whether it’s hitting the snooze button and waiting for it to go off again, putting off going to the dentist, or putting off doing an unpleasant task, it’s a sign of procrastination.

But more often than not-the report I had to finish before the deadline was delivered in the last few hours, crying and complaining about how busy I was and how tired I was before I started working on it-i had several times started uploading documents five minutes before the deadline, or press the send button. There are the majority of no danger, there are a lot of danger, completely lost the opportunity has had remorse.

When I wanted to write an article about procrastination, I used a bunch of excuses to avoid IT-I didn’t have the time, I was too lazy, or I was procrastinating, so I put it off. In the end, I had to bite the bullet to write this article. However, in the process of writing, I found that procrastination is also a very interesting thing, people procrastinate behavior is due to some psychological factors.

Although there are many reasons why people put things off, there are only five psychological reasons why people put things off:



3.It’s hard to start

4.Lack of motivation


Maybe we can take a closer look at the following psychological factors and see if we can find some solutions to procrastination.


Fear is a very broad concept, it can be divided into many branches: fear of failure; fear of success; fear of competition, fear of results.

Fear of failure is the most common fear. We’ve all probably encountered things that are out of our league, like writing an academic paper or taking an exam. If these things are out of our reach too much, their weight in our hearts will inevitably increase early, uh, so much so that we begin to doubt ourselves: “I don’t know enough!”“Why did I agree to do this?” or“I’m going to screw it up!”“What if it doesn’t work out?”

Naturally, we wonder what would happen if we didn’t do it right-lose our jobs, drop out of school, Lose Face? There are those who fear fear, and there are those who fear success. If we do a good job, people’s expectations of us rise, and sometimes, they may be so high that they exceed our abilities, this will inspire our fear of success. I’m sure we all know what it’s like to feel inferior to others.

Personally, before I took part in a speech, even though I was fully prepared before the competition and anticipated all the possibilities that would appear in a few minutes on stage, during the competition, i still feel uneasy when I decide whether I should continue or give up. Luckily, I won in the end. But that didn’t offset my uneasiness, because I had been worried that I might not be as good as the others.

The last fear is the fear of consequences. We often worry that the final result will not meet our expectations. Do We worry that our analysis is wrong? Would it be better if I didn’t remove this mole? Is it really worth all that money to go to the gym?

While some of these concerns may seem unnecessary, they are hard to ignore. The only way is to face them and internalize them. You can talk to your colleagues, friends and loved ones and get their opinions. Or we can write them down and see if our worries are meaningless in the eyes of others. Perhaps the result of consulting others is not satisfactory, but it is better to ask than not to ask.

The most important thing to remember is that if someone assigns a task to you, don’t doubt yourself because you have been identified as the most qualified person to do it.

If It’s a self-imposed goal, like losing weight, learning a new skill, or moving to a new city, you don’t have to rush. Change is natural. You just get better.


Before anyone does anything, whether it’s making a bookshelf or baking an apple pie, they have a blueprint in mind. The blueprint may be similar to the end result, it may not be as good as the end result, it may be much better than the end result, but our expectations can not be exactly the same.

This ideal and the reality of the gap will often hinder our progress. We may worry that no matter how hard we try, we won’t get the results we want in the end. We may also worry that we lack the willpower to work hard to get it done. As a result, we may never get started at the planning and research level.

Procrastination is comfortable — the ideal of perfection stays in the mind, with no room for reproach. Of course everyone wants to make a difference and doesn’t want others to see the bad side of themselves. So perfectionists think that if they don’t do it, no one will blame them.

In this case, we should probably admit that we might not be doing so well, but we shouldn’t give up the chance to try. How many times have we rushed through something to make an excuse for not putting in the effort? Why don’t we spend a little more time making output better than expected?

Therefore, perfectionists need to realize that we can only do our best. Nothing in the world is perfect, not even the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, or the Taj Mahal. We need to give ourselves some leeway to see the good in our imperfections.

It’s hard to start

How Easy is it to make an excuse? “I didn’t do enough research earlier,”“I just need to do one more thing before I get started,” or“Take your time” are all common excuses.

These excuses, especially the last one, are deadly. We often use many external factors as an excuse to avoid something, but the essence is self-justifying. You’re just making excuses to deceive yourself. No matter how much you push away, it’s hard to change the looming deadline.

Even if you can’t control the progress of some projects, do you really not have anything to start with? Is there anything I can write about first? Is there any independent research? Or is there something you can do first, other than an urgent task?

Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation is often caused by a combination of factors. Unless you’re particularly interested in an idea or project, you’ll generally go through a period of fatigue before you get it done.

Whether your exhaustion is caused by fear or simply a lack of interest, you need to overcome it.

A survey by American Carnegie Mellon University found that students lack motivation because they do not understand their connection to the classroom. Therefore, to find motivation, you first need to understand what you are doing for yourself and your life.

Paying off your credit card or bill may sound boring and tedious, but when you think about the myriad of follow-ups that will follow if you don’t do it, motivation miraculously kicks in.

In your daily life, writing a report that no one else wants to do will make you a more valuable employee; cleaning your apartment will make your living environment better; Signing up for classes at the weekend will help you learn new things.

The trick is to find your own motivation. If you gather information in order to let others know something, the information itself carries your label. If you are dealing with personal matters, you need to think about how you can improve your life. If you can’t think of any motivation, don’t hesitate, just do it, and do it all at once. The act of doing it is itself a meaning.


Distraction is the most common form of procrastination and is a common symptom of procrastination.

It is also very difficult to concentrate. When you’re reading or writing, it’s normal to be surrounded by a television, a ringing phone, and other people’s loud voices.

We also look at other interesting things when we are doing something that is not very important, which is not good for your work. For example, distractions in your writing may lead to spelling mistakes, logic flaws, etc. . Physical tasks like fixing cars and painting walls can also miss important steps when distracted. Despite the best efforts to try, research has shown that human multitasking is unrealistic.

The best way is to just focus on one thing. Turn off your cell phone, find a quiet place, and do what you need to do. That may seem like a lot of money, but it turned out to be absolutely worth it.

After reading the above, I hope it will help you to procrastinate.

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